Laser Therapy

Laser dentistry is revolutionary new way to treat many different dental problems. Laser is more comfortable and quicker than many traditional treatments. Laser dentistry minimizes the risk of bacterial infections and the risk of damage to surrounded tissues, reduces wound healing time and can minimize bleeding.

How Does Lynnwood Dental Excellence Center Use Laser Dentistry?

Dr. Michael Yeh, Dr. Trisha Le and associates use laser dentistry for many different procedures including osseous surgery, gum grafting and to regenerate healthy gums. Using laser therapy for gum regeneration lowers the risk of gum disease returning and allows healthy gums to regenerate.

Why Use Laser Therapy?

There are many benefits to use laser therapy over traditional methods. It is a much more comfortable process for the patient. There is no sound of drills or vibrations and less bleeding and swelling. Laser therapy is a less invasive method requires less recovery time than using a scalpel or drill.

Laser therapy also eliminates the need for anesthesia. Patients no longer have to be numbed for procedures because laser therapy is almost painless, which cuts down on costs and possibility of complications.

Finally, laser therapy reduces the risk of infections or damage to other areas. It is an incredibly precise tool that can target the diseased area more specifically than a scalpel can, which minimizes the possibility of irritating others parts of the mouth. Also the beam sterilizes the area it hits, which decreases the risk of infection.

Laser therapy is an excellent option for anyone who suffers from anxiety or is looking a more pain free way and convenient way to care for their teeth. Call Lynnwood Dental Excellence Center to find out more about laser dentistry.

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