Bone Grafting

When teeth are missing or there are gaps in between teeth, your jawbone can begin to erode. When a jawbone shrinks or becomes weakened, it is unable to support a dental implant. A bone graft is a procedure that creates a more solid based in the jaw for an implant by removing a piece of bone from another part of your jaw or body and transplanting it into your jaw bone.

This highly specialized procedure is an incredible advancement in modern dentistry. It allows for everyone to have the opportunity to restore their mouth to excellent health and appearance. Bone grafting not only replaces a bone but allows for new bone growth.

How A Bone Graft Works

Bone grafts are performed with local anesthesia to number areas involved. After the bone is grafted, you will receive antibiotics and instructions are caring for your bone graft as it heals. Your implants are placed after the grafted bone has integrated and fused with the existing bone. This can take up to several months. This procedure is incredibly safe and successful.

There are different types of bone grafts you can choose from:

Autogenous bone grafts or autografts are grafts made from your own bone. A bone from another part of your body is used, such as your chin, another part of your jaw, hip or rib. While autogenous bone grafts are beneficial because you are using a live bone that will promote bone growth, it will often require a second procedure to take the bone from the other part of your body.

Allogenic bone is a bone taken from a cadaver and processed. Allogenic bones do not produce new bone growth. Xenogenic bone is taken from a non-human species, like a cow and processed. Much like allogenic bones, xenogenic bones do not produce new bone growth. Allogenic and xenogeneic bones act as a framework and synthetic materials are used to stimulate bone growth. They do not require a second procedure.

You can also choose to use synthetic materials instead of using real bone for your graft. Dr. Michael Yeh, Dr. Trisha Le and associates at Lynnwood Dental Excellence Center will assist you to make the best and most informed choice for your bone graft. From consultation through recovery, the experts at Lynnwood Dental are your best choice for support during your bone graft procedure.

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