Dental Crowns / Dental Bridge

A crown is a cap or cover that covers a damage tooth. It is improves the appearance of a damaged tooth and can also strengthen a damage tooth so you can eat and drink as usual without pain or worry. Lynnwood Dental Excellence Center specializes in providing crowns, bridges and restorations that closely match the appearance of a natural teeth. We offer a high quality of work so that your teeth, smile and mouth will look and function as a perfectly healthy mouth, regardless of disease, cavity or decays.

Why Do I Need a Crown?

You may need a crown if you have a missing tooth and need a bridge, need to cover a dental implant, have a crack or worn down tooth, have received root canal treatment or want to cover a discolored or misshapen tooth.

What Are Crowns Made Of?

Several types of materials can create a crown, including, metal alloys, porcelain, ceramics or composite resin. Dr. Michael Yeh, Dr. Trisha Le and associates will create a crown that looks natural in your mouth and is a comfortable fit. They will take into consideration your preference of material, the location of the tooth, the color of the tooth and the function of the tooth when they create your crown.

What is The Procedure of Placing a Crown?

It generally takes two appointments to complete a crown. During the first appointment, Dr. Michael Yeh, Dr. Trisha Le and associates will prepare the tooth for the crown by removing any decay and providing any additional support. Then they will make an impression so they can create a permanent crown to perfectly fit your mouth. You will receive a temporary crown while they create the permanent crown in the lab. During the second appointment, when your new crown is ready, the crown will be placed, fitted and cemented into place.

Many problems can be solved with crowns and Lynnwood Dental Excellence Center provides excellent services to give your mouth a healthier, more natural and beautiful appearance.

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